State Transportation Department - Custom eLearning

Keeping the West Moving with Consistent Transportation Tech Training


Our client is a state department of transportation in the west. Their mission is to create innovative transportation solutions that strengthen the economy and enhance the quality of life for everyone in their state.


The transportation department approached eLearning Brothers for help building out their Transportation Education Program (TEP). Their previous TEP was very outdated and didn’t reflect the latest ways they operated. The program included over 30 courses that needed complete revamping. The state’s geographic reach presented another challenge; employees were operating differently in each region. eLearning Brothers was asked to bring some consistency to the training.

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I got to know eLearning Brothers when they came to help us out because we have such a small staff and had a very short timeline. Our experience with them was over the top.

Strategy & Solution

eLearning Brothers sent an instructional designer to the transportation department office to work with their instructional designers to interview subject matter experts (SMEs) about the most up-to-date policies and procedures. Through on-site collaboration and discussion, we were able to gather the latest information out of the SMEs’ minds and into a training program for everyone to access and learn from.

Drag and drop interactions are sprinkled throughout each module to test knowledge.
Learners apply critical thinking skills to evaluate information presented and decide if it's up to department standards.


The final program consists of three tiers, with each tier requiring completion before the learner is eligible for a promotion and raise. The course content in each tier aligns with hands-on, on-the-job training. Now employees in all areas train to the same standards and can maintain consistency throughout the state’s transportation network.

We had a really big project that we had to put together of over 30 courses and eLearning Brothers helped us out from start to finish.