Arcades™ is the Ultimate Learning Games Destination

Motivated Learning. Accelerated Results. Game On!

Maximize performance with Arcades.

Entice learners to master their skill sets with friendly competition. Adding Arcades to your Training Arcade library gives learners the opportunity to collaborate and compete with one another as individuals and groups.

Gamification Triggers Motivation. Your Workforce Can’t Get Enough!

Player-to-player challenges
Team tournaments
Daily mini-games
Level-up with achievements
In-depth global leaderboards

Sharper Skills. Better Outcomes.

Arcades keeps learners on their toes with contests, challenges, and incentives. Between dynamically changing leaderboards, live scores, prizes, and badges of honor, everyone will recognize your most valuable players!

Increased Frequency. Greater Accuracy.

Gamification has been proven to boost engagement, reinforce knowledge, and increase learning retention. When employees are enticed to keep coming back for more, additional interactions and repeat visits will make a difference.

External Recognition.
Internal Intelligence.

Arcades’ built-in learning management system (LMS) provides the analytics you need to make better human capital management decisions. Between in-depth dashboards, KPIs, and detailed performance metrics, it’s easy to predict top performers—both individually and on a group basis.