Frequently Asked Questions about Authoring Suites.

I’m ready to purchase! How do I buy?
Are subscriptions annual or monthly?
What payment options are available?
Do you offer special pricing for educational or government institutions?
Can I download and “stockpile” your templates on my hard drive or shared server?
Are the Assets royalty-free?
Do I need an SVG editing app in order to edit your icons?
Can I sell courses that I have created using your tools and templates?
I am currently subscribed to the Asset Library, Lectora, or CenarioVR. What are my upgrade options?

I’m a current Asset Library subscriber, and I’m wondering…

What happens to my Asset Library subscription?
If my existing account moves to an Authoring Suite how will I access Lectora / CenarioVR / ReviewLink?
How do eLB Master Suite plans correlate with the new Suites?
What happens if I’m already subscribed to all Asset Libraries, but I want to move to the Silver Suite?

I’m a current Lectora customer, and I’m wondering…

How do I get the new Lectora Desktop 19?
When will my account renew?
I’m a current maintenance customer. Do I need to wait until my renewal to get access to the new Suite?
What should I do if my maintenance plan for Lectora is no longer active, but I want to renew it?
Can I keep my current Lectora maintenance plan?
If I upgrade to Gold or Platinum, how do I activate my access to the full Asset Libraries on the website?
I currently have Inspire or Publisher with maintenance. What if I don't want a Suite and prefer my perpetual desktop license?
I have the Free Lectora Online account, will anything change for me?
What happened to Camtasia and SnagIt?
Do I need a new Lectora license key for Lectora Desktop 19?
If I stay on Lectora 17 or 18 can I still use Camtasia and/or SnagIt?

I’m a current CenarioVR subscriber, and I’m wondering…

What if I already have a CenarioVR account?
How do the new plans compare to previous?