Course Development FAQ

Frequently asked questions about eLearning course development.

New to eLearning course development?
It’s normal to have questions about working with eLearning vendors and how the development process works.

Can you give my old course a facelift?
Can you help us with the storyboarding?
What if our storyboard isn’t complete?
Do we need to have every page designed?
Who provides the images?
Can we have voice narration?
What if I want a game and/or interaction that doesn’t exist in the library?
What development tools do you use?
Do we get the source files?
Can we maintain and update the course files ourselves?
Can you create courses that work on tablets and mobile devices?
Can I send you our company colors and have you create a customized theme?
How long will it take to create the course?

Course Component Definitions

When talking about eLearning course development, there are some industry terms you might not be familiar with. We’ve defined them here so we’re all on the same page when talking about budget and expectations for how a training course will work.

Presentational Interaction:
Cognitive Interaction:
Upgraded Cognitive Interaction:
Knowledge Check Slides:
Presentational Animation Slides:
Static Slides:
Level 1 Scenario:
Level 2 Scenario:
Level 3 Scenario:
Standard Quiz:
Custom Media Budget:

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