User-Friendly UI

An easy interface your learners will love!

Branded Dashboards

Personalized Dashboards

Create customized boards of courses to address specific skills gaps and learning goals.

Personalized Learning Paths

Recommend courses automatically based on skill gaps & career tracks.

Self-Paced & Automated Course Enrollment
Formal, Informal, & Blended Learning
Annual Compliance Training
Pre-requisites Structure & Support

Cycle of Learning

Support virtual classrooms and distance learning for today’s modern landscape.

Adaptive Learning

Assess & Enroll

  • Assessments
  • Skills-Based Learning Paths
  • Recommended Career Tracks
  • Adaptive Content
  • Microlearning
Collaborative Learning

Practice, Mentor, & Socialize

  • ILT / Virtual ILT
  • On-the-Job Experience
  • Social Learning
  • Feedback Loops
  • Shared Playlists
  • Face-to-Face Virtual Meetings
Blended Learning

Engage in the Flow

  • Video Coaching
  • Gamification
  • Rapid Authoring
  • User-Generated Contributions
  • Virtual Meeting Manager
  • Off-the-Shelf & Prescribed Learning Paths

Integrate with Tools You Love to Keep Learners on Track!

Convenient Calendar View

A view of upcoming training events and deadlines keeps learners progressing and on schedule.

Webinar & Virtual Event Integration

Instructor-led training can be scored and tracked using all the tools you love.

Timely Email Notifications

Automated notifications keep learners informed of events, due dates, and course progress.

User-Friendly Learning Management

Course & Content Management

Add, share, and package content any way you like. The administration is so easy, it’s actually fun!

User Groups & Office Hierarchies

Organize your users and groups to match your company’s unique structure.

Create & Curate Content

Using the drag-and-drop admin interface, it’s easy to set up courses and learning paths.

  • Built-in Quizzes & Assessments
  • Automated Compliance Management
  • Documents, Certificates, & Multimedia
Collaboration & Coaching

From personal messages to community forums, use communication tools that transform good employees into exceptional performers.

  • Video Conferencing
  • Mobile Coaching
  • Message Boards with Comments
Integration Ready

Automate employee onboarding with the tools you already have.

LMS Analytic Reporting

Create business intelligence dashboards to easily visualize data and uncover trends.

LMS Customization

Rockstar Learning Platform is as advanced and as customizable as you need it to be.

  • Media Group Permissions
  • PCI-Compliant eCommerce
  • Custom Domains & Subdomains
  • Third-Party Deep Links
  • White Labeling
  • Quick Launch & Site Deployment

Rock Learning Today. Innovate for Tomorrow.

Build Learning

Create On-Demand Courses
Blend with Live Events
Personalize Learning Paths

Customize Delivery

Brand the Experience
Adapt Your Videos
Add Offices / Groups, and Delegate the Work

Socialize Knowledge

Experts Contribute, Everyone Wins
Share with Boards

Get Results

Test for Proficiency
Practice and Coach with Video
Facilitate Peer-to-Peer Video-Based Learning

Scale Your Solution

Launch with the Best
Grow with Premium Courseware
Meet Enterprise Demands

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