eLearning Brothers Leadership Team

Meet the band leaders.

Someone Has to Keep Us Marching to the Same Beat!

These are the rockstars who set the tone every day and keep us innovating while having fun.

Andrew Scivally

Co-Founder / CEO

Superpower: Speed. Ran the Boston Maration and more.

Todd Cummings


Favorite pastime: Working in the garden.

John Blackmon


Secret talent: Juggler extraordinaire

Ryan Neder


Always hunting: Big game and big revenue.

Christian Weibell


Favorite sport: Kite surfing.

Chris Ofstad

VP of Sales

Claim to fame: Formerly the highest rated pro Scrabble player under 18.

Randy Peterson

VP of Sales Ops

Drone-flying lumberjack and coast-to-coast cycling support crew.

Trent Howell

VP of Marketing

Side gig: Runs a board game reviewing site.

Richard Vass

VP of Customer Success

Inspiration: The lessons we learn from trees.

Joseph Wieloch

VP of Product Dev - Authoring

Motto: Always ready for an adventure!

André Chatelain

VP of Custom Solutions

Champion status: Semi-professional backyard pickleball player.

Rosie Doke

Director of Finance

Donny Osmond superfan.

Christie Calahan

Director of Marketing

Mix and Match: Recreational gymnast and art enthusiast.

Chris Willis

Director of Product Content

Fun Fact: Knows quilters are more than they “seam”.