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From rapid development to adaptive eLearning, your training needs are covered on any device.

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More Power. More Control.

It’s no longer a choice between fast or powerful. With Lectora, you get fast AND powerful.

Utilize the power of Lectora to build any type of learning course imaginable.

Lectora is the ultimate course authoring playground—you’ll never outgrow it.

Award-Winning Course Authoring.

I absolutely adore the platform and have a hard time believing that anything else will ever replace it in my eyes.

Andy Lockwood

Auto-Owners Insurance

In Lectora, developers can create complex interactions in minutes that would take hours in any other program.

Domenic Caloia

Johnson Controls

As a long-time developer I have always felt the flexibility and power of Lectora is second to none.

Christine O.

eLearning Designer & Developer

I have been a Lectora user for over 13 years and I love it!

Laurie T.

eLearning Designer & Developer

Responsive Course Design

Design once. Publish everywhere.

Unmatched Interactivity

Make all your learning needs come to life with Lectora.

The Accessibility Leader

Create a better experience for all learners.

Collaborative Authoring*

Work with others without losing your work (and your mind).

Integrated with Powerful Tools

Built-In Asset Library

Easily enhance courses with images, audio, video, and more.

Interactive Templates

Choose from a variety of templates, frameworks, and interactions from the Lectora Asset Library.

Screen Recorder & A/V Editor

Select the screen area to record, add your webcam, and go!


Share. Collaborate. Succeed. Gathering and incorporating feedback has never been easier.


Track and react to click behavior with branching scenarios to adapt to learning needs.

Virtual Reality (VR)

Embed immersive learning scenarios created in CenarioVR within Lectora courses.

Desktop & Online Authoring

With both desktop and web applications available, you can use Lectora in the best way for you.

*Lectora Online only.