Frequently Asked Questions about Lectora.

Technical Specs & Functionality

What do I need to install and run Lectora?
What languages does Lectora support?
Is Lectora an HTML editor?
Can I create WCAG/Section-508-compliant content using Lectora?
Can I use Lectora with Microsoft PowerPoint?
Can I use Lectora to create and edit media, such as screen recordings?
What kind of published formats are supported?
What kind of media can I add to my Lectora projects and how do I add them?
Can I publish content and media to mobile or tablet devices?
What is Responsive Course Design (RCD)?

Getting Started & Support

Do I need to be an eLearning expert to use Lectora?
Where can I go to learn more about using Lectora?
How do I get technical support?

New License Information & Sales

What do I get with the latest version of Lectora?
Can I install Lectora Desktop on more than one computer?
How do I know which version of Lectora I have?
Where can I find my Lectora license key?
Are academic and military discounts available?

Upgrades & Renewals

What happened to Lectora Inspire and Publisher?
Which eLearning Brothers Asset Libraries are included with Lectora?
How do I get access to Lectora Online and all other tools included with the Gold and Platinum Authoring Suites?
Which screen recording tools are included with Lectora?
How do I find out about the latest releases of Lectora Online and Lectora Desktop?
How do I upgrade my Lectora license?